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Don’t just settle for backups - transform your secondary data into value-generating assets using ONTAP’s hybrid cloud data management solution

NetApp Data Availability Services is a hybrid cloud data management platform for the IT generalist that leverages and extends NetApp Snapshot™ technology. Simplify DevOps and derive business insight from your cloud data copies by creating new applications in the public cloud.

Use Cases

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Backup & Recovery

Build a hybrid cloud data protection solution using Snapshot copies taken from on-premises ONTAP storage and replicated to the cloud. A simplified search of the extensible catalog delivers rapid recoveries from S3 cloud object stores.

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DevOps for the Cloud

Transform your business and derive incremental value from your backup data by leveraging public cloud infrastructure to build and deploy new applications in the cloud.

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Disaster Recovery

Respond quickly when production data becomes unavailable by rapidly identifying point-in-time copies of your data in the cloud and restoring to an available ONTAP instance on-premises or in the cloud.


NetApp Data Availability Services (NDAS) Overview

NetApp Hybrid Cloud First Architecture

NetApp Data as a Service for the Hybrid Cloud

NetApp NDAS In Action Configure, Backup, Restore

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