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NetApp Service Level Manager

A Robust and Flexible Framework to Build Storage-as-a-Service

NetApp Service Level Manager (NSLM) provides a robust foundation on the storage side for building a cloud-like infrastructure.

NSLM provides automation of storage management based on user-defined SLOs, SLAs, and policies that determine how storage resources like IOPS and space are allocated to application volumes. NSLM alerts users when SLOs and SLAs might be broken. NSLM also dramatically reduces the total cost of ownership for storage infrastructure by lowering operational costs and increasing storage utilization.

Use Cases

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Storage as Service

Build storage service offering using service catalog, platform provided intelligent provisioning, and monitor to regulate workloads to deliver service level SLO/SLA.

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DevOps Integration

Integrate storage using platform abstracted REST APIs with DevOps tools like Jenkins, JFrog etc that accelerates software development life cycle. Drive the motto of “Fail fast, fix fast”.

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Infrastructure as Code

Respond to dynamic infrastructure requests using code and software development techniques. Develop playbooks for Ansible, Puppet, Terraforms etc., using per-defined modules/providers.

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